Monday, October 27, 2014 – 08:30 a.m.

Here’s the latest update from the average of polls, produced by, as of Monday morning.

Ten states still essentially remain in-play.

A flurry of polls hit over the weekend. The volume impacted the numbers across-the-board.

Based upon the latest tracking, if the election were held today, Republicans would control the U.S. Senate by a margin of 51-49.

The states of Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alaska appear firmly going to the GOP. Georgia remains close. New Hampshire and North Carolina, once thought to be firmly in the Democrat column, are now within the margin of error.

The expected turnout component is a major factor in polling accuracy.

Real Clear Politics Election 2014
Battle for Senate
Dem 45 In-Play 10 GOP 45
RCP Averages:   GOP +6 Pick-Ups
Top Senate Races          RCP Average
Colorado        Gardner   (R) +2.8
Iowa            Ernst     (R) +2.2
North Carolina  Hagan     (D) +1.6
Kansas          Orman     (I) +0.6
Georgia         Nunn      (D) +0.3
Kentucky        McConnell (R) +4.4
Arkansas        Cotton    (R) +5.0
New Hampshire   Shaheen   (D) +2.2
Louisiana       Cassidy   (R) +4.4
Alaska          Sullivan  (R) +4.2