By Sandra Emerson, Redlands Daily Facts
Posted: 10/16/14, 10:37 AM PDT |

REDLANDS>> The venue and time for Monday’s congressional debate hosted by the Redlands Daily Facts has been changed to accommodate a larger audience.

The debate will begin at 7 p.m. at the University of Redlands Memorial Chapel, 1200 E. Colton Ave., with the Democratic candidate, Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar, and the Republican candidate, military veteran Paul Chabot.

“We heard our readers loud and clear,” said Toni Momberger, editor of the Redlands Daily Facts, who will serve as moderator of the debate. “There is great interest and many more wanted to be accommodated than would have fit in the original venue.”

Reservations reached capacity “before the announcement that we were taking them made it into print,” she said. “Char Burgess at the university reached out to me to offer the chapel before I even got to the office, and I told her she was saving the day.”

The debate was to be held in the Esri auditorium, which can seat about 320 people. The university’s chapel can seat more than 1,300.

“Esri was generous with their partnership on this project from the moment I asked, and I’m grateful for their willingness to host,” Momberger said. “The university is proving to be a generous partner too. We have an embarrassment of riches here in support for this event.”

“We’re happy to partner with the Facts to provide a larger venue so that everyone who wants to participate in the democratic process can do so,” said Burgess, who is vice president of the university and dean of student life.

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