Priya Mathur

Priya Mathur was removed from CalPERS board leadership positions for campaign finance disclosure infractions. | CalPERS

By Dale Kasler
0/15/2014 10:37 PM

CalPERS punished one of its own Wednesday, stripping a prominent board member of her leadership positions because of her latest violations of the state’s campaign finance disclosure laws.

Priya Mathur, a board member since 2003, was removed as board vice president and chair of the CalPERS Pension and Health Benefits Committee. She also is out as vice chair of two committees: Board Governance and Performance, Compensation & Talent Management.

Mathur, who is facing a $4,000 fine from the state Fair Political Practices Commission, sat stoically as CalPERS board President Rob Feckner announced the punishment at a board meeting. She didn’t speak and wasn’t available for comment afterward.

Feckner also reprimanded another board member, J.J. Jelincic, over comments he made criticizing the appointment of the new CalPERS chief investment officer.

The FPPC is fining Mathur for failing to file four campaign finance statements in connection with her recent successful bid for re-election to the CalPERS board.

She had no campaign funds to report, and Mathur has previously described the issue as a paperwork snafu. Nonetheless, “we still believe that rules are rules,” Feckner said.

Mathur, a Bay Area Rapid Transit official, was recently re-elected to a four-year term. Feckner congratulated her on her re-election before announcing the punishment.

In 2010, Mathur was removed from a committee chairmanship and suspended from traveling on CalPERS business after an earlier run-in with the FPPC. She has been fined a total of $13,000 by the FPPC over the years, not counting the latest penalty, for late filing of campaign documents and conflict-of-interest statements. The FPPC is set to vote on the latest fine Thursday.

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