Tuesday, October 14, 2014 – 10:30 a.m.

Here’s the latest update from the average of polls produced by as of Tuesday morning. If the election were held today, Republicans would control the U.S. Senate by a margin of 53-47.

For the past week, Kansas and North Carolina have been trending for the GOP.

Real Clear Politics Election 2014
Battle for Senate
Dems 46 In-Play 9 GOP 45
RCP Averages: GOP +8 Pick-Ups
Top Senate Races RCP Average
Colorado        Gardner   (R) +1.4
Iowa            Ernst     (R) +1.2
North Carolina  Hagan     (D) +1.5
Georgia         Perdue    (R) +2.7
Kentucky        McConnell (R) +3.0
Kansas          Tie
Arkansas        Cotton    (R) +4.4
New Hampshire   Shaheen   (D) +5.6
Louisiana       Cassidy   (R) +5.6
Alaska          Sullivan  (R) +4.4