By Leslie Parrilla, San Bernardino Sun
Posted: 10/10/14, 10:10 PM PDT | Updated: 1 min ago

Colton’s former city manager who says he was fired while investigating suspected misconduct and misappropriation of public funds by city officials, has filed a civil lawsuit alleging the city violated his rights and state laws and should not be able to hire a new city manager until they correct the process.

The city says the lawsuit is without merit.

The complaint filed Thursday in San Bernardino Superior Court alleges Colton city officials didn’t properly notify former City Manager Stephen Compton of the charges against him, didn’t notify the public about considering discipline for Compton and did not publicly announce their decision to place him on administrative leave after a closed session meeting.

He alleges the suspected violations were the city’s attempt to cover up problems he was investigating .

“I want to see a change in the city government,” Compton said about why he filed the lawsuit, in addition to repairing his reputation. “I saw some things that were pretty atrocious. I think they need to change how they’re treating their city managers.”

Compton alleges violations of the California Brown Act, or state public meetings laws, when the city did not allow him to publicly contest charges against him related to his termination or notify him of charges.

“They’re supposed to provide me a resolution with the charges. I have never received a letter with what the charges were,” Compton said Friday.

He also said he only agreed to have charges released in public, if he could respond to them at a public hearing, as required by state law.

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