By Leslie Parrilla, San Bernardino Sun
Posted: 10/09/14, 8:26 PM PDT | Updated: 50 secs ago

Former Colton City Manager Stephen Compton has filed a wrongful termination and retaliation claim against the city, alleging he was let go while investigating unlawful activities, including misappropriation of funds by city officials.

The claim filed Wednesday against the city alleges Compton was fired in retaliation for filing reports to the City Council about unlawful activities. Those activities included “misappropriation of public funds by elected city officials, overstated account balances,” and “improper use of the general fund to balance excessive spending by Public Works.”

A claim is the step before a lawsuit is filed.

“They just want me to sign the severance and go away,” Compton said Thursday. “But we’re not going to go away.”

Compton believes that he was terminated with cause — for investigating alleged wrongdoing.

City officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

He’s also looking to restore his reputation after a tumultuous departure from the city.

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