Magnifying Glass

Monday, October 6, 2014 – 10:00 a.m.

A Northern California political action committee (PAC) set to send out mailers attacking Former San Bernardino County Third District Supervisor Neil Derry may have assumed the name of a legitimate business.

The California Homeowners Association PAC, with an address in Willows, California, just last week received contributions from local developer Reginald King, President/Chief Executive Officer of Young Homes, and several members of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. The money is the primary funding for the anti-Derry campaign.

But this is where it all gets interesting. We googled “California Homeowners Association” and up pops the California Homeowners Association.

The real California Homeowners Association, a group serving HOA’s across the state, located in Upland, California, had no clue its name was being used in politics. spoke with Association President Richard Monson early Monday. The conversation was very interesting to say the least.

Monson says the California Homeowners Association is a non-political organization. “We’ve never been involved in politics, nor will we ever be.” Monson said by telephone.

When Monson learned his organizations name was being used to target political candidates, he sounded shocked, and requested the information be forwarded to him immediately.

A closer examination of the poitical action committee’s filings reveal the main consultant doing the committees past political work explains a lot. It’s Gilliard Blanning & Associates.

The firm is the campaign consultant for San Bernardino County Third District Supervisor James Ramos.

It’ll be interesting to see if this matter makes its way to the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

To read the latest Form 460 filing, click the following link: CHA PAC Form 460 – 06302014

To read the related Form 496 Late Contribution Report, click the following link: CA Homeowners Assn PAC – Form 496 10012014