San Manuel Gaming Chip

Friday, October 3, 2014 – 10:30 a.m.

The games has started in a local city council election.

An all out effort has officially commmenced to keep Former County Supervisor Neil Derry from winning a seat on the Redlands City Council.

What’s interesting is who’s funding it.

Let’s start with the outside developer.

Reginald King, an associate with Young Homes has kicked in a combined $40,000 to the California Homeowner’s Association PAC and the Redlands Residents Against Corruption, Opposing Neil Derry for City Council, 2014.

Young Homes hasn’t been building much of anything these days, and his role in the company has reportedly been low key for some time now. But, King had significant notariety in San Bernardino County politics, years ago, when he funded nearly a quarter-million dollars into the election campaign of convicted former Assessor Bill Postmus, back in in 2006.

Reggie King

Sources say King, pictured right, and convicted Former San Bernardino County Assessor Bill Postmus remain close friends today.

It’s not a secret that there’s no love lost between Derry and Postmus. Derry was one of the driving forces into a 2009 investigation into improprieties in the San Bernardino County Assessor’s office under Postmus’ tenure, which led to his resignation from office.

Next is the other 800-pound elephant in the mix.

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, along with King, who in an obvious attempt to remain hidden, have started tossing money into the aforementioned California Homeowners Association PAC.

In addition to the $20,000 from King, Tribal Member and Third District Supervisor James Ramos has contributed $1,000. The following Tribals Members have also contributed; Alaina Matthews – $5,000, Ken Ramirez – $1,000, Desiree Ramos – $1,000, Theresa Ramos – $1,000, Vanessa Ramos – $1,000 and Robert Chagolla – $1,000.

To read the latest filing by the California Homeowners Assn PAC, click the following link: CA Homeowners Assn PAC – Form 496 10012014

The Redlands Residents Against Corruption, Opposing Neil Derry for City Council, 2014 has also received a contribution of $1,000 from San Bernardino County Taxpayers, controlled by Jim Rissmiller, former chief of staff to Former County Supervisor Dennis Hansberger. Derry Defeated Hansberger in a hotly-contested race in 2008.

In addition, the committee has also received $1,000 from Stan Weisser, former Director of the failed Redlands Centennial Bank, $1,000 from the Redlands-based Law Firm of Mirau, Edwards, Cannon, Lewin and Tooke and 1,000 from Tom Brickley, owner of Brickley Environmental.

The Redlands Residents Against Corruption, Opposing Neil Derry for City Council, 2014, is chaired by Wayne Stair, who has distant ties to the aforementioned failed Redlands Centennial Bank.

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