San Bernardino Seal

Monday, September 29, 2014 – 09:00 a.m.

Rookie San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis continues to stumble out of the gate.

Davis, an accountant by trade, is now on the short-end of a 4-3 political split on the city council. A scenario that has plaugued the charter city’s leadership for decades. It’s being reported that many on the council have already had enough.

Earlier this year, in the beginning of Davis’ term, he had the support of the council. But now that seems to have waned, due to serious missteps.

First, Davis contracted with the firm of his campaign advisor, Michael McKinney, to provide chief of staff services. That was the first major misstake. McKinney’s tenure has been tumultuous, and rumors out of City Hall say renewal of his contract, at the end of this year, may not be in the cards.

McKinney has previously worked for Southern California Edison and The Lewis Group of Companies, a major California-Nevada real estate developer, prior to going into consulting.

Then Davis placed a significant amount of energy into hiring Jim Morris, the chief of staff to Former Mayor Patrick Morris, as Deputy City Manager. Morris, a licensed attorney, is the son of the former mayor. The idea landed with a big thud, when the city council heard wind of it.

The city has also been mired in a dysfunctional bankruptcy process for more than two years. So far the municipality can’t even formulate a Plan of Adjustment, a requirement to begin the process to exit chapter 9 bankruptcy.

The electoral appeal of Davis was the fact he was a political outsider. Now that characteristic has become a detriment.