By Christopher Cadelago
Published: Sunday, Sep. 21, 2014 – 10:30 am

LOS ANGELES — California Republicans have given their blessing to a pair of measures on the Nov. 4 ballot heavily favored by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative Democrats.

Before closing out their biannual convention, the activists voted to support Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion water bond, and Proposition 2, the rainy day fund, signing off on recommendations issued earlier by a party committee led by wealthy mega-donor Charles Munger, Jr.

Speaking in support of the water bond, Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen of Modesto said it was needed to help quench thirsty parts of the state. She also pointed to lawmakers’ successful efforts to slash the package from $11 billion.

“Every single agricultural group in the entire state worked really hard to make sure that No. 1, it prioritized storage and No. 2, that at the end of the day this bond passed the Legislature with nearly unanimous support,” Olsen said.

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