Kamala Harris

Attorney General Kamala Harris visited San Diego in March, as her office prepared to launch a report on transnational crime. [U-T file] — David Brooks

Harris is late on nine volumes this year, several for years past
By Ashly McGlone11:13 a.m.Sept. 20, 2014

Attorney General Kamala Harris is responsible by law for a number of periodic reports on criminal justice issues in California, and is late on at least nine of them covering 2013.

Harris is also late on three reports for 2012 and one from 2011.

The late reports — covering hate crimes, juvenile justice, firearms use during the commission of a crime and other topics — are meant to provide the public a snapshot of trends in criminal activity and insight into the dealings of the Department of Justice.

As the state’s top law enforcer, Harris is entrusted in the state Constitution “to see that the laws of the state are uniformly and adequately enforced.”

The most overarching report that Harris is late producing is the Biennial Report of Major Activities by the Attorney General, which the law requires her to produce every other year. The 2012 report was due two years ago, and the 2014 report was due last week.

The report is supposed to provide the governor with budget information and recap the accomplishments of the Attorney General’s Office, including court cases litigated and legal opinions issued.

U-T Watchdog reported on the tardiness of that report in April, and Harris’s office said at that time that the 2012 report would be complete within months and the 2014 report would be completed on time on Sept. 15.

Neither had yet been posted on her website as of midday Saturday. Harris’s spokesman, David Beltran, said last week that both reports are imminent.

The U-T asked Beltran to explain the office’s overall record on completing such reports.

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