Democrats believe that the election outcome remains unpredictable just 46 days out.

By JOHN BRESNAHAN | 9/19/14 5:41 PM EDT Updated: 9/19/14 9:05 PM EDT

House Democrats are considering taking out a $10 million loan to help fund TV ads and get-out-the-vote operations in the run-up to Election Day, according to Democratic sources.

The subject of the loan came up at a closed-door meeting Thursday night that included House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California, Democratic Congrssional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel (N.Y.) and other top House Democrats, some of whom expressed concerns that President Barack Obama’s focus on threats in the Middle East is distracting him from economic issues Democrats want to highlight in the campaign.

“We need the president to stop talking about Syria, that doesn’t do anything for us,” a Democratic insider said. “He needs to go back to talking about the economy, jobs, middle-class issues.”

Pelosi also told her fellow Democratic leaders that a “great night” on Election Day would be if Democrats picked up “five to eight seats,” while a “good night” would be if they kept at their current level of 199 House seats or made some small net gain. Most election experts believe Republicans will pick up some seats on Nov. 4.

Pelosi, Israel and other party leaders haven’t made any decision on a loan or a line-of-credit yet, but $10 million would be similar to what the committee borrowed last cycle.

House Republicans, for their part, expect to get a bank loan for a comparable figure, said GOP officials, although they haven’t done so at this time.

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