Mapp Bio

Monday, August 11, 2014 – 09:00 a.m.

One has to wonder.

The current scare over the Ebola virus is well taken. You know, that virus that causes out-of-control internal hemorraging and organ failure, and ultimately death in ninety-percent of those infected.

The disease is spread by bodily and airborne fluid contact. In other words, coughing can do the trick.

The virus has killed thousands over the years. A number that would seem to be considered statistically insignificant.

Developments over the past ten days has raised an interesting question.

Two American doctors involved in treating Ebola victims are infected. Then concerns the virus could spread to Europe and the Americas rise.

It’s an interesting combination of events.

Enter the ZMapp biologic agent derived from a Kentucky-grown Tobacco plant. Interestingly, it’s a drug that no one, except the Food and Drug Administration and Canadian Authorities, had ever heard of anywhere. Reportedly, the FDA wouldn’t allow its use due to safety concerns.

ZMapp is manufactured by Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. in San Diego.

Well the concerns seem to have evaporated with the onset of what could be the new modern-day plague.

The drug appears to knock the virus down. But it’s not a vaccine. It’s a treatment.

While we haven’t seen the full outcome of those treated with ZMapp, the treatment appears to be working, and more countries are requesting shipments.

Nevertheless, how many other secret treatments for deadly illnesses exist today?