California State University - San Bernardino

By Neil Nisperos, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Posted: 07/22/14, 9:47 PM PDT | Updated: 1 min ago

Upland resident Mirella Lozano has hope.

Despite being unemployed for five years, he’s optimistic about San Bernardino County’s job market.

That’s why he’s been busy searching for work and attending workshops at the Rancho Cucamonga Employment Resource Center.

It’s going to pay off — just watch he said.

“I think it’s getting better,” Lozano said. “I think there’s a lot of job opportunities. It’s just people really have to want them. Because, if you want something, you’re going to find it.”

He’s not alone in his hope.

The number of residents who rated San Bernardino County’s economy as “excellent” or “good” in an annual quality-of-life survey improved slightly from last year.

Optimism is still low — compared to the mid-2000s — but it’s inching upward, according to the report.

The study by the Institute of Applied Research at Cal State San Bernardino surveyed county residents’ opinions about the economy, among other quality-of-life issues.

The telephone survey involved 923 randomly county residents.

The report showed a slight spike in the number of respondents saying they are better off financially than they were a year ago.

About 17 percent of survey respondents rated the county’s economy as excellent or good — up from 16 percent in 2013, and 9 percent in 2010.

“Year by year it’s improving. It’s a statistically significant jump from (2008/2009) to now, but to put things in perspective, in (2007/2008), about 40 percent of the people rated the economy excellent or good,” said Barbara Sirotnik, professor of statistics and supply chain management and director of the Institute of Applied Research.

But it’s a slow climb, she added.

“The numbers are creeping up,” Sirotnik said. “But people are far from where they were in the mid 2000s. People have not recovered, and their perceptions of the county is that the county has not recovered economically.”

Still, there were glimmers of hope.

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