Patrick McGreevy
May 30, 2014

Just days before the June 3 primary, California’s chief elections officer reported Friday that the percentage of voters registered with no party preference has increased while the percentages for registered Republicans and Democrats declined.

Compared with four years ago, the number of registered voters has increased by about 1%, to 73.3% of the number of people eligible to register, according to the report by Secretary of State Debra Bowen.

The percentage of voters who registered with no party preference has gone from 20.17% four years ago to 21.16% today, an increase of about 325,000 voters, the report said.

Republicans made up 30.8% of the state’s registered voters four years ago, and account for 28.42% today, it said. The latter figure is also down from the number in the last report on April 4, when Republicans made up 28.6% of voters.

Democrats made up 44.49% of California registered voters during the last statewide election four years ago; today they account for 43.41%. The April 4 report showed Democrats making up 43.5% of voters.

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