Friday, May 16, 2014 – 10:00 a.m.

The State Bar of California has closed an investigation into several lawyers of former Upland-based law firm Lackie, Dammeier, McGill and Ethir.

The Los Angeles Daily Journal, in an articled published last Friday, quotes the attorney for former law firm partner Dieter Dammeier, as saying the State Bar has closed it’s investigation into overbilling allegations, made by the Peace Officer’s Research Association of California (PORAC), and it’s Legal Defense Fund (LDF).

Both PORAC and LDF alledged the law firm, the largest in its legal panel, was overbilling the trust for representing it’s peace officer members.

Former managing partner Saku Ethir has previously told that the firm was targeted after it refused an LDF request to curtail its aggressive, and highly-successful, representation of peace officers facing disciplinary action.

Ethir said that LDF wanted the firm to consider forcing more clients to resign, even if they could win the case.

The driving factor behind the LDF request was the rising plan rates it, the trust, charges its member associations.

In addition to the State Bar complaint, both PORAC and LDF have also filed lawsuits in state and federal courts.

The Daily Journal says settlement discussions are pending.

Last Summer, LDF trustee’s rushed to oust the law firm against the advice of counsel. Since then, all sides have been subjected to multiple rounds of negative press and member complaints.