McMahon-Ramos Mailer

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 – 10:00 a.m.

Looks we have a new Batman on the scene.

He’s the third to ascend to the keys to the Batmobile.

The first dynamic duo was Sheriff Gary Penrod and District Attorney Mike Ramos. The second duo was Sheriff Rodney Hoops and Ramos.

Batman and Robin

McMahon and Ramos.

Now comes Sheriff John “Batman” McMahon and Michael “Robin”Ramos.

We wonder what Adam West, who played the original Batman, would think about his character being used by politicians.

If this new “dynamic duo” were really focused on fighting crime it might make him fell better. Maybe even Penguin and Riddler would be sweating a little right now.

And yes, Ramos really does have a color photo of Batman and Robin hanging in his office.

Four years ago, Dave Ellis, the O.C.-based political consultant to Hoops, tried to get the now retired sheriff to run a joint campaign with Ramos.

Hoops graciously declined.

Hoops pulled in more than 60 percent of the vote in his 2010 election victory. Ramos escaped a runoff. He pulled just 54 percent against two lesser-known, underfunded candidates.

This time the pitch to McMahon worked.

Both politicos are jointly pitching the “We’re fighting crime” mantra.

McMahon pushes a general crime fighting message, while Ramos rests his campaign on fighting human trafficking, and his endorsement by Democrat Attorney General Kamala Harris.

That’s right human trafficking! Not murder, gangs, drug offenses, school violence, property crimes, etc………..

As if that’s already been handled!

Let’s take a look at just how San Bernardino County is actually doing.

Here’s a few tidbits from the latest full year (2012) of official crime stats reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or (

  • In San Bernardino, Murder +56.67%, Robbery +11.53%, Assaults +7.93%, Burglary +19.08, Thefts +12.26% and Vehicle Thefts +63.65%.
  • In Rancho Cucamonga, Rape +23.18%, Robbery +8.74%, Assaults +10.53%, Burglary +24.48%, Thefts +1.90% and Arson +18.18.
  • In Ontario, Rape +33.33%, Burglary +12.67% and Vehicle Theft +13.57%.
  • In Victorville, Assault +6.81%, Burglary +35.17% and Vehicle Theft +33.13%.

Yep! The situation is just beautiful here in San Berdoo County.

Let’s not forget about those drive-by shootings in broad daylight.

But it gets even better!

Now let’s look at prosecutions.

A look at the 2013 Court Statistics Report, published by the California Administrative Office of the Courts, contains some troubling data.

  • For the 2011-12 period, San Bernardino County conducted just 276 jury trials. A number 33.3% less than neighboring Riverside County.
  • 60% of felony cases were resolved in less than 90 days. A huge money maker for Ramos backer, and conflict panel manager, Earl Carter.
  • 98.11% of cases were plea bargained away.
  • Even more interesting is the statistic of 15,337 cases handled, 1,924 were disposed of by either dismissal or acquittal. That’s 12.54% of the total dispositions.

What happened to fighting the crime that affects everyone in the county?

Is it boring?

Why doesn’t our Dynamic Duo want to talk about these statistics. Does anyone really believe crime is getting better in the county?

McMahon is now centered in the middle of an expanding jail abuse scandal.

A scandal that has legs in the press.

One has to wonder just how the scandal is affecting the public perception of our two purported “Crime Fighters”?

Yes, we all feel so much safer with these guys on watch.

Anyways, it’s something which deserves some discussion.