Carla Marinucci

Posted on Saturday, May 3 at 5:24pm | By Carla Marinucci

California Gov. Jerry Brown, in his early years in office, used to be associated with a Plymouth Satellite sedan, his vehicle of choice. But as he seeks a fourth term, Republicans are now clearly trying to associate him with another brand: Toyota.

The decision of the Japanese car maker last week to shut down its Torrance headquarters and head to Texas — a loss of some 4,000 jobs, in addition to potentially millions for the region’s economy — has become rich fodder for GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari.

Speaking to the Alameda County Republicans Leadership dinner Friday, Kashhari pounded Brown for what appears a low energy approach to a key state economic issue: the flight of major corporations from California.

And he says Democrats in the legislature were also all but silent on the matter.

As Californians prepare to cast mail in ballots in the June 2014 primary election, “of course, it’s an issue,” Kashkari said.

He made the comments on a day in which Brown spoke for the first time Friday on the matter, saying that the Toyota move merely demonstrated the creative destruction of capitalism.”

The governor, referencing economist Joseph Schumpeter, suggested that evolution of jobs, manufacturing and the buisness climate is inevitable.

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