By Joe Nelson, The Sun
Posted: 03/24/14, 1:15 PM PDT | Updated: 7 hrs ago

Today the county supervisors will discuss a new proposed charter covering a range of topics including term limits for supervisors, how vacancies on the board are filled, and how elected officials’ pay is disclosed to the public.

Specifically, supervisors will discuss whether supervisors should continue serving no more than three terms in office, or 12 years maximum, or have no term limit restrictions. They will also discuss the procedure in how the board’s chairman/chairwoman is elected and removed by board members.

The new charter also aims to clean up outdated language that existed in the previous 100-year-old charter, and suggests other addendums, said Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Janice Rutherford, who proposed the new charter last year.

“There’s a lot for the board to debate and whether they want to pursue any of these options or all of them,” Rutherford said Monday. “I don’t know where we’ll end up.”

Supervisors are now pushing to get a new proposed charter on the ballot for the November general election.

As to board vacancies, the new charter proposes the following options: The board appoint a successor to fill the vacant seat and allow voters to decide whether to elect the candidate during the next general election, which has historically been the case, or the board can appoint someone then call for a special election before the next general election.

“So voters get to have their say on filling the vacancy as soon as possible, without incurring the cost of a special election,” Rutherford said.

If a vacancy on the board occurs less than 120 days before a scheduled primary election, the vacated seat would be filled by appointment.

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