Monday, March 17, 2014 – 07:45 p.m.

The ballot statement squabble between Deputy District Attorney Grover Merritt and the San Bernardino County Public Attorneys Association is headed to Superior Court on Thursday.

On Monday, the union, whose Executive Board is majority pro-Ramos, filed for a Write of Mandate against the Registrar of Voters, seeking changes to Merritt’s ballot statement. Sources tell that Merritt’s original statement was reformatted by Registrar of Voters, which restructured bullet points into paragraph form.

The issue is Merrit’s depiction of his prior service as president of the union.

The matter appears to be set for a simple resolution Thursday.

But, the dust-up has caused some simmering descension within the membership, and the dirty laundry is starting to forth cometh. has learned that some 50 Deputy District Attorneys, within District Attorney Michael A. Ramos’ operation, have contributed $99 to the Merritt campaign. The $99 threshold is the maximum allowable contribution where disclosure of the donors name is not required.

The 50 number, representing 25% of the office’s prosecutors, is apparently climbing every couple days.

The reason for all the unnamed donors? The employess, for some unknown reason, fear they’ll be singled-out by management.

Anyways, ballot statement manuevers are typical in campaigns. This one is no different, except it’s a little more toothless.