IE Business Daily

By IE Business Daily
March 15, 2014

The reelection campaign for San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos appears to be off to a rough beginning.

Ramos has drawn a formidable opponent from within his own department, Deputy District Attorney Grover Merritt. Merritt is a highly experienced Deputy DA, who, for many years, was the lead attorney in appellant cases arguing before the California State Supreme Court on numerous occasions. He is also the past President of the San Bernardino County Public Attorney’s Association.

Ramos and Merritt also have a history. Merritt was fired from his job in the District Attorney’s office ten years ago and filed a lawsuit which the County settled resulting in Merritt being returned to his position along with $300,000 in damages. Merritt had been considering running for District Attorney at the time of his firing, which many speculate was the actual cause of his termination.

With less than three months until the June election, the campaign season is heating up. Ramos consultant David Ellis popped off a press release complaining loudly that Merritt is receiving significant financial support from West End business people who happen to be friends with Jeff Burum, a defendant in the four year old Colonies Case. Ellis even retorted to the Sun Newspaper that “It’s felony stupid for Jeff Burum’s business partner to be contributing in the district attorney’s race, period.”

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