By Sandra Emerson, Redlands Daily Facts
Posted: 03/08/14, 12:19 AM PST |

REDLANDS >> The city’s budget outlook is looking good for the rest of the fiscal year, as of the mid-year review.

The city’s budget through January of this year, seven months into the fiscal year, shows increases in revenues over last year and does not need any adjustments, according to city staff.

“The city manager and staff expect the general fund budget to remain on target and in balance by year end,” said Tina Kundig, the city’s finance director to the City Council Tuesday during a budget update.

The City Council has approved $146,299 in expenditures so far this fiscal year, but any necessary adjustments to balance the budget will be made during the upcoming budget process, according to the staff report.

Councilman Bob Gardner said the city’s $7 million plus reserves is an accomplishment that cities in Southern California wished they could have. “I think it’s a credit to the staff and the city and frankly the sacrifice of many across the city, whether it be staff or citizens in terms of reduced services that we have been able to achieve this level of reserve,” he said.

Through January of this year, the city’s total revenues are $24.1 million, tracking at 46 percent of the budget, up from $22 million in January 2013.

Expenditures are at $28.4 million, which is tracking at 55 percent of what’s budgeted for the year.

Tax revenues are at $17.7 million, or 44.7 percent of what’s budgeted for it, which is up from $16.9 million from last year.

Property taxes, the highest tax revenue source for the city, is at $11.3 million, up from $10.9 million last year.

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