Dan Walters

Dan Walters

By Dan Walters
Published: Thursday, Mar. 6, 2014 – 10:04 pm
Last Modified: Thursday, Mar. 6, 2014 – 10:19 pm

Neel Kashkari is young, smart, accomplished, articulate and relatively moderate, and embodies California’s incredible cultural diversity.

He is, in other words, exactly the sort of candidate that the California Republican Party must offer voters if it is ever to become relevant again. And it’s too bad, therefore, that he’s wasting his energy on a campaign for governor he cannot win.

Take it to the bank: Barring an untimely death or some calamity of his own making, Democrat Jerry Brown is certain to win re-election to a record fourth term as governor this year – more than likely in a landslide.

It’s not that Brown lacks shortcomings and Kashkari has singled out the most obvious – the governor’s stubborn insistence on beginning construction of a north-south bullet train that lacks any semblance of financial viability.

Kashkari calls it a “crazy train” and that’s not an inappropriate sobriquet, but despite the project’s growing unpopularity, it’s not enough to derail Brown’s bid. The governor has forged an image that plays well – tight with the public’s buck and liberal on social issues.

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