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Utility-user tax would mitigate city’s fiscal crisis, council members
March 03, 2014 3:42 PM
Brooke Self, Staff Writer

ADELANTO • Adelanto officials said they will postpone attempts to add a tax measure to the ballot that would purportedly save the city from filing for bankruptcy.

In contrast to her address at the State of the City last month, Mayor Cari Thomas said Friday that a more recent review of Adelanto’s finances showed that funds would be sufficient to operate the city until the end of the next fiscal year in June 2015.

Instead of introducing the measure on the June ballot, the city now plans to wait until November.

“We’ve crunched the numbers really hard and we definitely will make it through to the end of the fiscal year 2015 with cash on hand,” Thomas said.

Adelanto first declared a fiscal emergency on June 26. Thomas said at her State of the City address that they had a $2.6 million deficit and would be forced to file for bankruptcy if a utility-users tax measure isn’t successful by a ballot vote. However, City Council members first need to approve adding the measure to the ballot.

“If it doesn’t pass in November, then we have six months to figure out what we can do,” Thomas said.

Thomas and Councilman Steven Baisden said the results of a recent phone survey of likely voters showed that the city would have more success with the measure after spending more time educating voters on the reasons behind the tax and the city’s fiscal crisis.

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