Apple Valley

February 25, 2014 10:32 AM
Rene Ray De La Cruz, Staff Writer

APPLE VALLEY • The Town Council on Tuesday will consider a ballot measure that would increase the amount that homeowners pay for the Apple Valley Fire Protection District’s general obligation bond while extending the tax until 2037.

Citing the need for more staffing to speed up response times, the fire district is asking to increase the fee per single-family home from $5.26 per month to $7.25 per month. The bond would cost homeowners an average of $87.04 per year.

Approval of an extension for Measure V will also allow the tax assessment to continue for an additional 20 years beyond its current expiration date of June 2017.

If approved, the measure will go to Apple Valley voters in the June election.

Bob Tinsley, AVFPD board director, said the increase is crucial for the reopening of a fire station, which would bolster public safety in the Jess Ranch/Sun City area.

“Measure V provides for over 27 percent of our budget,” Tinsley said. “If the measure is not passed, we’ll be looking at home insurance rate increases and long response times for the people of Apple Valley.”

According to a city staff report, AVFPD would use the extra funds to open a fourth fire station, increase response times, add fire staff, keep fire rates stabilized and provide stability for the community.

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