Jerry Brown

California Gov. Jerry Brown received a warning letter from the state Fair Political Practices Commission over expenses covered at two fundraisers by lobbyist Kevin Sloat. (Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times / February 13, 2014)

By Patrick McGreevy
February 25, 2014, 4:38 p.m.

SACRAMENTO — The state ethics agency on Tuesday made public a warning letter to Gov. Jerry Brown, 10 days after it was provided to the chief executive as a caution for accepting improper contributions from a lobbyist.

The state Fair Political Practices Commission sent warning letters to 37 politicians indicating the expenses covered at fundraisers by lobbyist Kevin Sloat violated the ban on contributions from lobbyists.

Brown was warned about two fundraisers organized by the California Democratic Party and held at Sloat’s house in 2012 to benefit the Brown for Governor 2014 campaign and committees supporting his Proposition 30.

“At those fundraisers, he (Sloat) provided beverages to guests and may have provided floral arrangements and/or cigars for the event,” wrote FPPC Enforcement Chief Gary Winuk in the letter to Brown. “Because the total cost of the event exceeded $500, the beverages, and any other items purchased for the event by Mr. Sloat, constituted non-monetary contributions to your campaign under the Act.”

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