February 24, 2014 12:20 PM
Rene Ray De La Cruz, Staff Writer

HESPERIA • The Hesperia City Council reviewed the city’s mid-year budget at its most recent meeting and established new goals for the future.

The city’s 2013-14 midyear fiscal budget showed $24.5 million in total revenue collected through December.

Mayor Thurston “Smitty” Smith said a financially conservative staff and council worked hard to ensure that funds were spent with an analytical eye.

Because of conservative measures, Smith said the city’s general fund exceeded the council’s policy of 10 percent cash reserves by 28 percent.

“Times are good now with tax revenue coming, but we’re still going to keep our belts tightened and save that money for a rainy day,” Smith said.

The multi-page budget report shows that the total revenue of $24.5 million was nearly $9 million less than the previous fiscal year’s total of $33 million

The difference between the years is primarily due to collections of $4 million for the Ranchero Road Underpass and $5.9 million of reimbursement received from San Bernardino County for the County Government Center, the review stated.

“Revenue has been up in previous years because of all the development on Main Street near the freeway,” Smith said. “Developers are already looking at business near the Ranchero Interchange, which would be another boost for the city.”

The city has spent 41 percent of its expen- ditures at the midyear mark, with the exception of 14 budget amendment requests.

Some of those budget amendments include golf course emergency repair, traffic signal equipment, Civic Plaza refinancing, the Ranchero Road project and Community Block Development Grant recipients.

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