By Sandra Emerson, Redlands Daily Facts
Posted: 02/19/14, 8:36 PM PST |

REDLANDS >> A subcommittee will be tasked with further developing the city’s proposed plan to improve and fund flood control, ADA ramps, sidewalks and trees.

On Tuesday night, the City Council agreed to send the proposed FAST infrastructure program and two tax initiatives to that committee, which will report back to the council in May. Councilman Jon Harrison cast the only vote against putting the proposal on the ballot.

It also approved hiring a consultant, at a cost of about $22,000, to conduct public polling and surveys.

“The community should understand that we’re not all sold on both going to the ballot, but I do think gathering more information, drilling down a little more on the details and dialoguing, either informally in some more meetings or using research methods that allows us to gather that input, would probably be a benefit to us,” Mayor Pete Aguilar said.

“I still think at the end of the day in May, June, July or August, we need to be cold blooded and brutally honest about the chance of success for either of these.”

Aguilar said city initiatives requiring a two-thirds vote for approval rarely pass, making it important for the initiatives to have support before being placed on the ballot.

At direction of the council, staff has been presenting the program and funding plan to community groups and residents for the past several weeks to gauge support for placing the initiatives on the November ballot.

Staff has held 21 presentations.

City officials are proposing a $47.8 million general obligation bond to pay for a flood control system to protect downtown and a $2.8 million annual parcel tax to fund ADA ramps, sidewalks, trees and parks needs.

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