Thursday, February 13, 2014 – 12:00 p.m.

Attorneys from a now-dissolved Upland-based law firm haven’t went away by any stretch of the imagination…..

Lawyers from former Upland-based Lackie, Dammeier, Ethir and McGill, known for their aggressive successful legal representation of peace officers, are once again making a splash, while at the same time giving their client’s opponents grey hair in the process.

Dieter Dammeier has filed a lawsuit against Kerry Condon, President of the Anaheim Police Officers Association. The lawsuit accuses Condon of breach of fiduciary duties under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. (ERISA)

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, doesn’t allow Condon’s union to pay for his defense.

To read the complaint, click here: Stancavage v. Condon

Another formerly-named partner, Saku Ethir, has recently picked up former San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Employee Angela Gray as a client.

The pending Gray case should be full of fireworks, if it goes the course! After all, cases do abruptly settle for many reasons, without much fanfare.

Gray, who was recently terminated by Sheriff-Coroner John McMahon, is the centerpiece of a recent scandal involving fabrication of training records allowing sworn officers to either secure higher pay or ditch attending mandated training.

It’s gray and another civilian employee who doctored the records.

A previous indictment of Gray and six others is working its way through the courts. So far, two deputies, who didn’t actually break any laws, have been dismissed from the case. Two others, Gray and a former sergeant, have taken misdemeanor plea deals. Gray’s conviction already been dismissed and her probation terminated, after just four months time.

Gray was allowed to keep a position with the department. That was until she was fired.

McMahon, himself, reportedly conducted Gray’s “Skelly” termination appeal hearing. Something most sheriff’s never do.

Now Gray has appealed her termination to the County Civil Service Commission, and apparently she’s out for blood.

It was earlier rumored that 72 individuals were involved in the pay fiasco. But only the aforementioned seven were hanged-out to dry.

Now Gray is implying the other names are going to come out.

Her assertions would give credence to a previous report that the executive staff’s of former Sheriff-Coroner Rod Hoops and District Attorney Mike Ramos met to discuss the sordid details of the scandal, prior to any charges being filed. The rumor at the time was the two agencies decided to select the scapegoats, and allow the statute of limitations to lapse on the remainder of those involved.

The statute of limitations on any others have, in fact, already expired at this late date.

It should be noted that Gray cannot file any lawsuit until she exhausts all administrative remedies first.

Both cases should be interesting.