Los Angeles County Sheriff

Two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies have been indicted in connection with the beating of a jail inmate in February 2009.

By Jack Leonard, Richard Winton and Robert Faturechi
February 7, 2014, 1:23 p.m.

Two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies conspired to assault a handcuffed jail inmate and struck him with a flashlight before writing reports that falsely claimed he attacked them, according to a federal indictment made public on Friday.

The alleged attack was witnessed by a jail chaplain who wrote a sworn declaration saying he witnessed deputies beat an inmate in Men’s Central Jail.

The indictment does not mention the chaplain but accuses Deputies Joey Aguiar, 26, and Mariano Ramirez, 38, of beating an inmate on the same date in February 2009. The indictment identifies the inmate only as “BP,” but a district attorney’s record obtained by The Times names him as Brett Phillips.

The inmate’s hands were cuffed and secured to a waist chain at the time of the assault, the indictment alleges. Both deputies are accused of kicking him in the head and upper body. Ramirez is also accused of using pepper spray on the inmate and striking him with a flashlight.

The indictment alleges that the deputies submitted false reports to justify the force. Aguilar claimed that the inmate tried to head-butt his face and violently kicked at him, prosecutors said. Ramirez, they said, wrote in his report that the inmate kicked at deputies.

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