Raul Ruiz+Brian Nestande

Raul Ruiz at left. Brian Nestande right.

Sunday, February 2, 2014 – 02:00 p.m.

The race between Congressman Raul Ruiz (D-La Quinta) and State Assemblyman Brian Nestande (R-Palm Desert), to represent the 36th Congressional District, is looking to be an all out battle.

The invent and subsequent debacle of ObamaCare has opened the door for Nestande, who has been able to build a financial base, to run an effective campaign.

Ruiz is definitely vulnerable and could easily be given his walking papers.

This race is listed as in-play by most observers.

Here’s the totals for the two men:

Candidate                Cash In          Cash on Hand
Raul Ruiz (D)            $ 1,499,280      $ 1,198,007
Brian Nestande (R)       $   451,154      $   301,856
[Source: Federal Election Commission]