Officials look to give tainted money to state and national treasuries
By Mark Walker12:24 p.m.Jan. 23, 2014Updated1:53 p.m.

The San Diego County Democratic Party and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington were moving Thursday to wash their hands of $60,000 in donations from a donor linked to what federal authorities say was a scheme to funnel illegal foreign money into San Diego political campaigns.

The money in question is a pair of $30,000 donations from La Jolla luxury car dealer Marc Chase, who has been tied to the effort to spread money from a Mexican businessman to help local and federal candidates.

“This week we’ve all learned of a bizarre campaign finance corruption case in San Diego – a complex effort to support unwitting candidates of both parties by circumventing contribution laws,” county Democratic Party Chairwoman Francine Busby said of the $30,000 given to her party. “We stand ready to return the contribution or direct it to the state treasury, depending on which is more appropriate as we learn more about the case through both our own investigation and the ongoing prosecution. We call on the perpetrators to be brought to justice as quickly as possible and will fully assist the U.S. Attorney’s Office in getting to the bottom of this case.”

In Washington, D.C., Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Josh Schwerin said taxpayers are getting the $30,000 it received.

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