Wendy McCammack+Carey Davis

Mayoral candidate Wendy McCammack, speaks at the San Bernardino Mayoral Debate against candidate Carey Davis Wednesday January 22, 2014 at Cal State San Bernardino in San Bernardino. LaFonzo Carter — Staff Photographer

By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 01/22/14, 8:55 PM PST |

SAN BERNARDINO >> A feisty debate between mayoral candidates Carey Davis and Wendy McCammack on Wednesday evening fleshed out many of the themes both candidates have emphasized in other forums, resolving issues on which the two had accused each other of dishonesty and accentuating some policy differences.

The debate and town hall — hosted by The Sun, the Cal State San Bernardino chapter of the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society and San Bernardino Generation Now — drew many more people than could be held in the 188-seat theater at Cal State’s Santos Manuel Student Union where the candidates stood for the two-hour event. An overflow room was required to accommodate the crowd.

Both candidates united in their appreciation for that turnout and on the importance of the election coming Feb. 4. And both agreed significant change is needed for the city where both are longtime residents.

But they sparred early and often about the best way to do that.

“I strongly disagree with my opponent’s all-cuts approach,” McCammack said early in the debate, accusing Davis of supporting the closure of fire stations and policies that would cause businesses to flee — policies she said continued Mayor Pat Morris’ path.

Davis was quick to separate himself from Morris, admitting that one basis for that charge had come at a forum in the same location during the primary when he was the only candidate out of 10 to say he would accept Morris’ endorsement.

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