Graphic courtesy Tracey Robinson and Will Feltus, National Media Research Planning and Placement LLC

By Reid Wilson
January 8 at 12:02 pm

When we took a look at consumer data showing correlations between an individual’s favorite spirits and his or her political leanings, we were inundated by one query: What about beer?

Well, the next time you have to bring a six-pack to a friend’s house, now you’ll know the delicate political calculations involved: Once again, the good folks at National Media Research Planning and Placement have taken it upon themselves to chart the correlations between beer preference and partisan leanings.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, beers you might expect to find someone drinking while watching a football game — Miller Lite, Coors Light, basically anything that bills itself as a low-calorie beer — leans Republican.

Rolling Rock, Milwaukee’s Best and Miller High Life, on the other hand, are hipster beers. They lean Democratic. So do microbrews (Boy, the stereotype jokes practically write themselves, don’t they?). Heavier beers like Miller Genuine Draft and Budweiser lean Democratic more than their lighter counterparts.

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