In a new survey, 64% of California patients said they were not always seen within 15 minutes of their appointment time.

By Chad Terhune
January 8, 2014, 7:00 a.m.

Californians searching for a doctor have new ratings from Consumer Reports on 170 physician groups statewide.

The scores released Wednesday are intended to help consumers see how different medical offices measure up on providing care and dealing with patients.

Consumer Reports said the ratings showed all California physician groups had room to improve and that patients’ experiences vary widely.

For instance, in the Los Angeles area, patients’ views on their overall care ranged from 51 to 73 out of 100. Those lowest scores mean about half of patients at those medical groups didn’t think their care was the best possible.

The data come from the California Healthcare Performance Information System, a nonprofit collaboration among health plans, employers, providers and consumer groups.

Last year, that group surveyed 58,873 patients across California who had private health insurance. Their responses covered 170 primary-care and specialty physician groups, which together provide about 90% of the healthcare received by Californians.

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