Upland seal

By Ryan Hagen, San Bernardino Sun
and Sandra Emerson, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Posted: 12/14/13, 9:56 AM PST |

Like a financial Paul Revere, City Manager Stephen Dunn keeps warning Upland’s City Council that the red ink is coming.

Whether his City Council is prepared to take up fiscal “arms” to avert a more dramatic financial crisis remains to be seen, but Upland needn’t look far to see what might happen.

San Bernardino Mayor Pat Morris said warnings were given months before his city filed for bankruptcy protection and noted that his city’s finances fit all “the symptoms of bankruptcy.”

“The council at that time did not want to make the changes,” Morris said Friday, immediately after a court hearing related to San Bernardino’s bankruptcy. “And we are here now.”

San Bernardino’s leaders have long squabbled over the city’s finances, often acrimoniously. Former San Bernardino Councilwoman Wendy McCammack, recalled from the council last month, but running for mayor next year, blamed the city manager and Morris for San Bernardino’s dire situation.

In response to Dunn’s warnings, Upland’s council has assigned its Fiscal Response Task Force, a 10-member committee of private citizens, to delve into the financial morass. The task force met for the second time on Thursday and began discussion of several options Dunn has put forward in search of at least $3.5 million in budget cuts.

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