Dan Walters

Dan Walters

By Dan Walters
Published: Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013 – 10:52 pm
Last Modified: Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013 – 11:19 pm

Two statewide polls told us this week that there’s probably just one person who could thwart Gov. Jerry Brown’s bid for a historic fourth term next year.

And that’s Jerry Brown.

He could deny himself another stint as governor, of course, by not seeking re-election. But while Brown hasn’t formally announced, he’s busily raising millions of campaign dollars and even coyly reminded recipients of his Thanksgiving emails that he has a re-election office in Oakland.

Or he could derail his re-election by saying or doing something really off the wall – as he sometimes did during his first governorship. But Brown 2.0 is a much more cautious politician who clearly not only wants to set the all-time record for gubernatorial tenure, but create a legacy that will earn him a better place in history books.

Brown’s clear path to re-election is laid out in surveys by the Field Poll and by the Public Policy Institute of California.

While they disagreed on some points, both had Brown’s approval rating among Californians relatively high – 58 percent in the Field Poll – while the three more or less announced Republican hopefuls barely register.

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