Megan Kelly

Megan Kelly, a former Redlands East Valley High School teacher, settled out of court in a civil suit where a former student alleges sexual abuse. The Redlands Unified School District is also named, and is included in the settlement.

By Greg Cappis, Redlands Daily Facts
Posted: 12/04/13, 7:39 PM PST | Updated: 58 secs ago

Redlands Unified School District will pay a former student $505,000 to settle a sexual abuse lawsuit filed by a 2009 Redlands East Valley High School graduate against the district and teacher Megan Kelly.

As part of the agreemen,t Kelly is required to resign on June 12, 2014, and can never reapply at RUSD.

The defendants maintain their innocence.

The suit was settled weeks ago, and the verbiage was finalized Saturday when the district attorney signed it. The plaintiff’s attorney signed it Nov. 18.

Kelly has been on paid leave since 2011, when allegations were first brought to the district’s attention. The district and law enforcement officials investigated the allegations, but the district attorney’s office did not prosecute, citing a lack of physical evidence and lapse in time between the alleged incident and the accusation, court records indicate.

The lack of criminal charges led the former student to seek an attorney, Vince Finaldi, and file a civil lawsuit. The suit alleged Kelly molested the student, who is not being named as a matter of newspaper policy. The district was named in the suit and accused of not properly protecting the student.

Finaldi said it’s a great settlement, considering the circumstances.

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