By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 11/12/13, 9:16 PM PST |

SAN BERNARDINO >> The police union has withdrawn its endorsement of Anthony Jones in his run-off campaign for City Council after it received music videos in which Jones raps lyrics that that they say glorify crime and violence and denigrate women.

“This is unacceptable to us,” said Steve Turner, president of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association, in a written statement. “Whether or not Mr. Jones actually believes the lyrics of the songs in question is not the issue. The fact that he would be a part of such videos shows an incredible lack of judgment on his part.”

Jones, 23, said he thinks the video — union officials say they’ve seen others, but they were taken offline in the 24 hours since they first received one — is from November 2011, when he was involved in the music business.

“No, I don’t want to necessarily say I regret anything, because I did a lot of business and a lot of revenue was generated because of the business I was doing,” Jones said. “I wouldn’t do it now, due to the type of politics and the things I’m doing now in my life, and as far as the POA withdrawing their endorsement, that’s fine, because I’m not running for public safety. I’m running to restore the quality of life for residents — which includes public safety, even if they don’t endorse me any more.”

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