Wednesday, November 13, 2013 – 10:00 a.m.

Here’s some news of interest flowing across the transom Wednesday morning.

San Bernardino County pension fund recruiting for another CEO

San Bernardino County’s pension fund, the San Bernardino County Employee’s Retirement Association, appears to be recruiting another chief executive officer.

Norman Ruggles, after just two years at the pension fund, has departed.

Last Thursday, trustees appointed an interim CEO and hired Ralph Anderson & Associates to handle recruitment.

Tough sledding ahead for McCammack

Now that the dust is settled from San Bernardino’s municipal elections, it looks like tough sledding ahead for mayoral candidate Wendy McCammack.

McCammack, who was recalled from the city council, while simultaneously landing first place in the eleven person mayoral candidate field, faces newcomer Carey Davis.

Due to her being recalled, the odds are clearly stacked against McCammack at this point.

Grand Terrace financial situation worsens

The city of Grand Terrace faces serious jeopardy following the failure of a tax measure designed to shore up the city’s finances.

City leaders will now be forced to make additional cuts in order to try and balance the bedroom community’s budget.

Long-term, bankruptcy is a possibility.

Expect more of this type of news from other Inland Empire cities.

San Bernardino County Undersheriff retiring

The Undersheriff for San Bernardino County is calling it quits.

Robert Fonzi, Undersheriff to Sheriff-Coroner John McMahon, announced his retirement earlier this month, citing declining health as the reason.

Fonzi has served more than 30 years.