Wednesday, October 30, 2013 – 09:30 a.m.

The Upland-based law firm at the center of overbilling allegations, and an investigation by the Orange County District Attorney, has retained a prominent national law firm, to possibly seek damages. has received a copy of a letter written by Jerrold Abeles, a partner in the Los Angeles Office of Arent Fox LP, on behlaf of client Lackie, Dammeier, McGill and Ethir.

Abeles letter addresses requests preservation of all documents, which could be used has evidence, in a potential civil case against the Peace Officer’s Research Association of California (PORAC), it’s Legal Defense Fund (LDF), Legal Defense Administrators, Inc. and Edward Fishman.

To read the letter, click here: 2013 1017 – JA letter to Edward Fishman re document preservation

The dispute erupted in September, when PORAC and LDF Trustee’s accused certain members of the firm of overbilling.

Since that time, an internal upheaval, among the groups Southern California police union members, has ensued.

PORAC, which provides lobbying services and legal defense to primarily California peace officers, threw the first salvo, when they cutoff payment for services to the firm. The action caused a cash flow problem, which ultimately forced the twenty-year law firm to announce that it would dissolve.

On a second front, earlier this month the Orange County District Attorney raided the law firm, seizing all client files and records.

The investigation is apparently related to the law firms activities in representing an Orange County police union.

Sources, close to the situation, say that improper actions by District Attorney Investigators has likely ended that investigation.