Sunday, October 27, 2013 – 09:30 a.m.

Gamesmanship at its best.

San Bernardino Mayor Pat Morris authors a scathing letter to City Attorney Jim Penman. Then leaks it to the press.

San Bernardino’s pathetic condition aside. One has to laugh out loud. Really!

The latest salvo in city politics has Morris taking aim at Penman, for comments he made related to charges filed, by the Riverside County District Attorney, against Third Ward Councilman Robert Jenkins.

For the record, Jenkins is a Penman ally.

Morris even pulled now-outgoing Police Chief Robert Handy into the mix.

Isn’t it interesting how no San Bernardino police chief can stay out of the city’s politics?

On a side note, from what I hear of the disarray of police patrol operations in the city, maybe another chief is needed. Especially one that doesn’t need to use asset seizure money for a junket to Israel, while knowing he was leaving.

Now back to Morris and Penman.

The big question here? Is there actually concern that Penman, even with all his baggage, will somehow survive the recall election? I mean come on. A press garnering stunt, with a litle more than a week out from the day voters will decide, sounds a little desperate.

Morris’ big statement on Penman? He’s not qualified to be city attorney.

Mr. Mayor, you mean the more than two decades Penman has been the city attorney doesn’t count?

Based on all the shenanigans that occurred under his watch at San Bernardino International Airport, there’s been times when I wondered whether Morris was really a licensed attorney, and former Superior Court Judge.

The only issue that may keep Penman in office? The two men seeking to replace him, Tim Prince and Gary Saenz, aren’t even remotely qualified themselves. Combine this fact, with Penman’s demonstrated ability to survive electoral challenges, and he stands a fair chance.

It may take more than the pot calling the kettle black.

Just my opinion……