Harold Cebrun+Judith Oakes

By Beau Yarbrough, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Posted: 10/11/13, 10:47 PM PDT |

RIALTO >> Saying enemies are campaigning to oust him, Rialto Unified Superintendent Harold Cebrun denied on Friday any knowledge of the embezzlement allegedly committed by former district accountant Judith Oakes and having a romantic relationship with her.

“We’re not dating, but we hung out,” Cebrun said in an interview Friday morning. “(But) to hug her, when I first saw her, or to give her a quick kiss when I first saw her, ‘have a good day,’ we did do that. I’m not going to deny that.”

Photos obtained by the newspaper show Cebrun and Oakes kissing. Rumors have circulated for months within the district about a romantic relationship between the two.

But on Friday, Cebrun said that accusations of an affair with Oakes are part of an effort to force him out of office and are simply wrong.

“The kind of person she is, she’s a hugger. If you were a friend of hers, and you meet her, she’s going to hug you,” Cebrun said.

That day in the photographs, after the sporting event they had all attended last year, Cebrun, Oakes and Deputy Superintendent James Wallace all walked to the parking lot together, Cebrun said.

Wallace “gave her a big hug, and kissed her on her cheek, and he walked her to her (SUV). … I gave her a quick kiss good-bye and went back to work. That’s all.”

Cebrun, who has been superintendent of Rialto Unified since Feb. 2009, said he first met Oakes in mid-2011. The two were only friends, he said, although they’d drifted apart over the past year.

“She was fun to be around. She enjoyed sports. She was very supportive.”

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