By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 09/27/13, 9:05 PM PDT |

HIGHLAND >> The unexpected appearance of a few community members appears to have stopped the East Valley Water District from changing its general manager’s contract to promise him an extra $50,000 if he met certain conditions to the board’s satisfaction, those residents say.

The emails and public comments of several concerned residents and of Highland Councilwoman Jody Scott were cited by some board members Wednesday. That’s when they voted 3-2 to deny a contract amendment that would have amended the $195,000 contract of General Manager and CEO John Mura to give him an additional $25,000 if the goals were met by April 30, 2014, or an additional $50,000 if he met the goals by March 30.

“Because community members emailed and did speak up, I was told afterward that there was a swing vote, and what obviously was a done deal got undone,” said Highland resident Page Miller.

The district provides water for parts of Highland and San Bernardino.

Residents there can’t afford to pay for inflated salaries, Scott said.

“I guarantee you’ll be here either next year or the year after asking for a rate increase,” Scott said. “If you do, we’ll be here with a bucket of tar and feathers.”

Scott and other critics of the proposal said they had nothing against Mura, who was hired in January 2012, but that there was no reason for an additional reward.

“He did the job he was hired to do,” Scott said.

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