Tuesday, September 10, 2013 – 09:30 a.m.

Here’s some news flowing across the transom Tuesday morning.

Subpoena’s issued for Defazio trial

It’s only been three and one-half years!

The San Bernardino County District Attorney has finally started sending out subpoenas for its witnesses, some hostile, in its smoke and mirrors felony perjury case against High Desert Businessman John Defazio.

Sources say Defazio has refused all misdemeanor plea bargain offers from prosecutors, instead opting for a jury trial, which is currently set for October 7.

However, don’t expect a trial to start on that date. But it is getting close!

Court minutes show Defazio has a speedy trial time waiver in place, with a last day for trial to commence of December 6, 2013.

Popcorn anyone?

Big Bear Grizzly runs poll on County Supervisor Ramos

It didn’t take long! Residents of San Bernardino Mountain communities have already become disillusioned with County Supervisor James Ramos.

What a surprise!

Actually, not really.

The poll results, which are not good for Ramos, reflect how displeased his constituents are. As of this morning, only 9.4% of respondents say Ramos is available and listens; another 21.7 % say he’s only available through his filed rep; and a whopping 63.2% say they haven’t seen much of Ramos in Big Bear.

The mood down in the Valley communities likely isn’t much different.

On another note. Ramos appeared at the Big Bear Democratic Club last weekend. He would only agree to appear under the condition that all questions he would face would be pre-screened, by he an his staff.

You gotta love it!

Here’s the link to the poll on the newspapers main page: Ramos Poll