San Bernardino Seal

By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 09/06/13, 6:40 PM PDT | Updated: 1 hr ago

SAN BERNARDINO >> Eight candidates qualified by Friday’s deadline to be on the ballot to replace three city officials facing recall.

That number isn’t split evenly, though: If Councilwoman Wendy McCammack is recalled, 7th Ward voters will choose from five candidates to replace her, while only Roxanne Williams is running in the 3rd Ward if Councilman John Valdivia is recalled. Two candidates, Tim Prince and Gary D. Saenz, are vying to succeed City Attorney James F. Penman if voters recall him.

The Nov. 5 ballot will first ask voters if they want to recall Penman and will ask those in the 3rd and 7th Ward whether they want to recall their respective council member. Underneath that will be a list of candidates they would like to see in those seats if the current office-holder — who isn’t eligible to be elected as a recall candidate — is booted from the job.

“We’re pleased that there have been candidates that have come forward out of the community that are running in this historic chance to have seven of the nine office-holders on the ballot,” said Michael McKinney, manager of the recall campaign, referring to the candidates facing recall plus those already up for election that day. “The recall committee itself will be in the field supporting the recall, urging voters to vote yes, but it’s not allowed under its organization to help any of the candidates.”

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