San Bernardino Seal

By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 08/26/13, 11:24 AM PDT | Updated: 11 hrs ago

SAN BERNARDINO >> Attorney Tim Prince began his campaign Monday to become the next city attorney, making him the first to officially announce his candidacy in any of the recall elections that might be held Nov. 5.

In a 10-minute speech after pulling papers to run, Prince contrasted what he called longtime City Attorney James F. Penman’s “political” style with a promised “professional” approach.

A prime example of Penman’s flaws came Thursday, Prince said.

Superior Court Judge David Cohn on Thursday said the Registrar of Voters should begin counting petitions asking for a recall of Penman and three City Council members. In the same hearing, Cohn said he would not direct the registrar to count another document that expressed opposition to increased water rates before asking for the signatory’s name to be removed from petitions asking for the recall of any city officials.

Cohn said the document, which Penman stands by, gave the false impression it was about preserving water rates.

“In 22 years of practice, I have never heard another legal professional described with the words our city attorney was described with,” Prince said. “His actions were called ‘extremely misleading’ and ‘deceptive.’ The judge called these actions ‘blatant.’ The judge said, ‘I will not put this court’s imprimatur on such actions.’ Friends, after Nov. 5 no judge will ever be asked on behalf of the city to put his imprimatur on such actions ever again.”

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