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By Beau Yarbrough, beau.yarbrough@, @inlanded on Twitter
Posted: 08/23/13, 7:02 PM PDT |

RANCHO CUCAMONGA >> In a few weeks, it’ll be six years since California Charter Academy founder C. Steven Cox and former Hesperia Mayor Tad Honeycutt were charged with a variety of financial improprieties relating to the state’s largest chain of charter schools — and there’s still no trial date in sight.

When Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice John Bannister Gibson said that the “millstones of justice turn exceedingly slow,” he wasn’t exaggerating.

Cox and Honeycutt were indicted in September 2007 on a combined 117 felony charges. Since then, they’ve appeared in court 30 times, including Friday morning in West Valley Superior Court in Rancho Cucamonga.

Their latest court appearance was a quick in and out: They were the first case heard by Judge Jon Ferguson on Friday morning, and all that was discussed was kicking the can further down the field once more, to Sept. 27. Both Assistant District Attorney Michael Fermin and Honeycutt’s attorney, Grover Porter, had pressing legal engagements in Riverside County, Fermin told Ferguson.

At the time it went out of business in August 2004, California Charter Academy operated 36 campuses across the state.

An April 2005 audit commissioned by the state Department of Education accused the pair, along with a number of High Desert elected officials, of misappropriating $23 million in state and federal funds.

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