You're Fired

By Staff report
Posted: 08/20/13, 10:16 PM PDT | Updated: 10 hrs ago

Former Fontana Mayor Mark Nuaimi was fired Tuesday night from his position as town manager of Yucca Valley, according to a news release from Town Clerk Lesley Copeland.

“After careful consideration, at its meeting of (Tuesday), the Yucca Valley Town Council commenced the appropriate steps to end its employment relationship with Mr. Mark Nuaimi as Yucca Valley’s Town Manager,” said the news release.

“As a contract employee, the employment agreement between Yucca Valley and Mr. Nuaimi will terminate once his severance agreement is final and effective, and in full compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in that employment agreement, governing state law, and a severance contract with Mr. Nuaimi.”

The action comes following nearly a year of upheaval in the Morongo Valley community. A recall effort has been launched against Councilmembers George Huntington and Robert Lombardo, both of whom approved a three-year pay hike for Nuaimi, despite financial difficulties.

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