By Jerry Roberts and Phil Trounstine
Monday, August 19, 2013

As loyal readers know, we occasionally round up the Calbuzz Advisory Board of Leading Authorities on Practically Everything to share their wisdom about the most pressing political, ethical and theological issues of the day. And no question facing our Great Democracy is more salient than this: Who’s a bigger creepo – Anthony Weiner or Bob Filner?

Both repulsive urban politicians have embarassed and humiliated themselves beyond imagination — New York mayoral candidate Weiner with his weirdo obsession with tweeting close-ups of his namesake and San Diego Mayor Filner for mauling every woman who makes the mistake of getting within 20 yards of him.

The consensus of the California Consultanate, with which the Calbuzz Editorial Board is in complete accord: It’s Filner, hands down. (Interestingly, a number of our Democratic consultants chose Weiner as Wurst, perhaps because they’re loathe to see Republican San Diego lose its first Democratic mayor since infamous money laundress Maureen O’Connor stepped down in 1992.)

As one brilliant Democratic consultant neatly summed up the matter:

Weiner is just a pathetic eighth-grader trapped in a grown man’s body. Filner is a predator and a bully who abused the trappings of his office to prey on women and the weak.

dsm5The Weiner case: Neither the Consultanate nor we minimize the narcissistic depravity and stupidity of Carlos Danger’s digital deviance. He is, according to the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5 Code 666.69), “one sick puppy.”

And a handful of our consultants (all Democrats) opined that Weiner is the more egregious pervert. Said one:

– First of all, they are pathetic. How do you manage to be destroyed by a sex scandal when you don’t even get to have sex? Filner is a grabber and Weiner a wagger. They both get style points on arrogance, taking it to an Elliot Spitzer level. Weiner wins by a hair because he used the new technology to press his point. Neither deserves a place in politics and do not have the common decency to disappear.

Another Democratic consultant offered a more tactical analysis:

– Weiner is the better scandal because his name leads to a lot more puns. And because it’s a more interesting story. You have the social media angle (how social media is changing and impacting our lives and politics); the Clinton connection/angle; the redemption angle (or failed redemption, rather); and what to do about [Weiner’s wife] Huma?

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